Bio / Statement



David Ross was born and raised in the DC Metro area. Juxtaposing the language of one's childhood with the surrounding adult world, he creates stories with hidden relationships amongst the two. He has exhibited work around the D.C and Baltimore area, and is currently mentors teens in art, science, and tech at Artlab+.  In his off time he is 3D printing his characters and drawing comic books.


I create works that deal with adult circumstances seen through the confused eyes of a child. The stories are presented in a manner that adults like, but children prefer. I use familiar graphic aesthetics seen in comics and daily cartoons; however, upon a closer inspection of this comfortable style exist adult themes, interactions, and a community of wayward characters that occupy this childlike land.

My goal in all of this is to find and present the line between childhood innocence and exposure to adult situations, opening a muddy dialogue between these two worlds.  This dialogue revolves around these newly found and often rebellious adult behaviors.  My memories of these moments of change reflect what can only really exist in my head.  To present this, I create figurines that mimic those of which I played with as a child.  Being engaged in many of the activities that my work addresses causes these children’s toys to have unappealing adult personalities underneath their cuddly appearance.  As my imagination creates a history for these toys, I discover many secretive and vile traits that really bring them to life and give them all distinct personalities.  In the end I find myself with a community of less than perfect inhabitants living within this idyllically adolescent environment.